Look inside… Remember why..

  In any relationship separation, their is always four sides to a story. His, hers, what others gossip about, and the truth….

  Everyone makes mistakes. There’s no doubt about it. It takes the two involved though to decide their fate. Whether in the heat of the moment, or if it was an ongoing thing. Personal issues, money,etc. But no one should try and “sway” your decision. You owe it to your relationship to sit and talk. Discuss everything. Whether you work it out or not, atleast you both can have closure. Say goodbye to each other. Or try again. Nothing has to end in bitterness or anger. You both probably have those feelings towards one another for something.

I’m a firm believer that love will find its way, and is strong enough to keep you together. You fell in love for a reason… Remember why, and go back to that. Maybe time apart was what you needed. To fix each individual’s personal issues. Sure it may be rocky, but marriage is. Life is. But it’s better than just quitting. If you both can accept your own flaws, as well as each other’s flaws, and can take measures to better yourself, there is always a chance.

  Remember why you fell in love. Those memories are the reasons why you made a life commitment. Things can be the way you both envisioned. .. And by working together, your relationship grows .. And remember, your relationship is worth it.


“Devoted from day one, I was never on the run. Look at how wonderful our lives will be together, as we stand tall and strong for each other”

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