Here it comes again, this boring problem won’t go away. My family life isn’t happy as it should be, I feel like I’m so alone and insecure, nobody’s gonna understand how I deeply feel inside, yes, I have mom and dad but we rarely spend time together. I know that I’m more lucky than the others, at least I still have mom and dad right here, but why I feel like dad doesn’t exist any longer. I don’t even know where the problem is, and why my dad act so cold to me and my mom, and it’s torturing me everytime I look at him and try to recognize how the awesome dad he used to be, but now the good memory of him is fading away slowly..  I sincerely love my dad and I care about him very much, I try to make him satisfied and proud of me, but it seems like it doesn’t work. I have no siblings, so I have to take and handle with it alone, when I feel like I can’t take it any more, I cry quietly in the room, don’t wanna let my mom knows that I’m so weak, and I don’t wanna make her sad, she’s been fighting for me for her entire life, for me she’s like a gift from somewhere.

I’m actually a very cheerful and fun person, but they will not know that sometimes my life isn’t full of joy and happiness as they think. I just hope that this problem will mean nothing to me eventually, I have to be stronger, take it positively and better pay attention to what makes my life get better. I hope..

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  1. I somehow feel you.. being not appreciated by your parent.. i know how it feels.. like you i always cry secretly, like you i don’t want anyone to see me cry.. i don’t want anyone to know my weaknesses.. the people that makes us cry are the same people we love the most.. your father loves you.. maybe he doesn’t know how to show it to you..

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