Why bother.

As i sit here, i tend to ponder about life and death. Death is a peaceful escape from a crappy reality known as life.I think about how easy it would to leave everyone behind, and end my suffering on this crappy planet. As the thoughts of death engulf my head like a wild fire engulfing a sea of trees, i can’t help but to feel numb and a little satisfied knowing my suffering would end so quick. I wondering if this pain will ever end. I keep hearing the usual it’ll be ok, you’ll be fine, or my favorite you’re just being over dramatic. When in reality i should understand that no one will ever understand me, no one will ever understand the darkness i’m dealing with. So why bother right?

One thought on “Why bother.”

  1. I will not say that i understand how you feel or that everything will be ok…But i will be honest, the way you feel is completely normal and you are not alone. At this moment I couldnt agree more with you. I too have thought about how much easier life would be if i didnt have to endure all of this darkness by myself and that no matter how hard you try nothing seems to be falling into place. However, I would like to share with you that you are not alone. Dont quit now, because if you do, that just means that everything you have ever worked for was for nothing. we have to keep on FIGHTING and stay STRONG 🙂

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