Dear Diary #3

Dear Diary,


Okay. So…I think I JUDGED him waaaay TOO FAST.

He answered my questions–or rather, statements the following day.

I stalked his account again to check the thing my best friend was telling me when we were having a general rehearsal at school for a big school event.

There was someone (anonymous) who sent him an anonymous statement which is something like, “Hey, be careful. You’re girlfriend is being replaced.”

and he answered, “Yea, sure.”

Okay wtf.

That anonymous human being is sending my blood veins to the pits of hell.

That’s what made me send him an anonymous statement which is, “people, really 😒 tsk.”

And THAT’s the first thing he answered after, well, yesterday.

So much for that.

I’m too lazy to add more details. Maybe next time, I guess.


Signing off,

Shane Angel ❤

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