Five years plus

Where do I start? That it’s been over five years since I’ve seen your face… except for  in my mind? That it’s been over five years since we last kissed…or hugged each other? That I’m still lost without you…that you still consume the majority of my thoughts from the time I wake up until I fall asleep….that I still search for you and seek some kind of confirmation that we will be together again as I feel we have always been through the eons of time…there’s no doubt in my mind that we are truly soul mates so I should stop looking and just KNOW we WILL meet again…but it’s not that easy when you are a soul stranded on the planet without the only other soul who knew the real you…I often wonder if you feel lost without me too…I hope not…I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst critic so you can understand why I wouldn’t want the person I love most in the universe to miss me the way I miss you….I love you as much today as I did the day we got married…I always will…

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