I just spoke to my mother about my mental health status and I inquired about her clarifying my current place of residency in Ontario with the nursing staff as there seems to be a bit of a mistake on my file regarding my home life (the file states that I currently reside at my parents home in Oshawa). Unfortunately, my mom made no phone call but then all of a sudden pretended that the nursing staff has reassured her that it had been recorded that I have an apartment in Kingston Ontario. 


While on the phone with my mother, she let me know that in order to get discharged from the hospital I had to forget everything about Franco “Franco does not exist” “You need to put this wacko behind you”. So, with that, I’ve decided that there should be nothing on my mental health file about anyone else except for how my mother dictates my thoughts to me and has always wanted me to wear the ugliest clothes – purple sweat pants with matching purple sweatshirts. No logo- it’s not even a brand that I’d be wearing as a trend. Just filth that’s 4 sizes too big and still fits me as a 27 year old even though it was purchased when I was 5. 

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