Time to wake up

I am on my journey for a new me. I seem to sound like a whiny weak person everything I sit down to write my daily journal. This isn’t who I am. I have gotten knocked down a few times in the past few months. I have let a certain someone walk over me or more less treat me less than. I know that isn’t going to change until I prepare myself to walk away. I know walking away from someone who does’t treat you like you treat them should be hard but it is. Anyway, I was proud because I have been making strives to change. maybe not leaps but baby steps. Yes it may be a few steps forward and a few step back. But change isn’t suppose to be easy if it was I would of done it a long time ago.
I live less than 5 miles from the Gulf Of Mexico. Which means I live 5 minutes for a beach. A beach I never visited in 15 years until I was dropping the kids off to skate board or fish. Yesterday I went after work and walked the park. I walk the whole thing by myself. It was so pretty and quite. A perfect place to think. Never knew how great that was to go. But I have been slipping and today I took a good look at my body in a mirror. I was appalled and shocked at what I saw. No wonder I don’t look at myself in mirror. I can not believe the parts I chose to ignore because I was lazy to change. Now here I go and I am going to have to change. I can’t keep turning the other cheek. I need to look at what I have done.
it is time I open my eyes and look at myself in the eyes. TIME TO CHANGE. I have a goal now and I am going to meet those goals. NO ROOM FOR FAILURE.

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  1. Change is good sometimes.. if its for the better.. good luck for the better you

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