3 well really 4

 I just have to remember. I cant change everything overnight. Progress takes time. Things will work out. Tomorrow we will win. Be positive. I want to be a positive person, but I know it takes practice. I hope with time I am able to manifest my dreams and not feel so down. I do feel slight improvements. I feel that I am able to realize that I am in control of my thoughts and feelings and those thoughts and feelings cause my life to go one way or another. If I think that bad things are going to happen, well guess what, they are going to happen. 


What I am struggling with most about our comp this weekend is that I dont want myself or the kids to feel defeated. Just because right now we cant beat them does not mean that we never can. I feel like over and over and over they beat us and it keeps pushing us down. Tomorrow is different. I want them to do their best and be proud of what ever happens. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Who care what place we come in. Its all about progress. I am not going to worry about changing the entire routine in one day. I am going to write out a plan that I will try to stick with. We can do it. 

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