Confessions of an Unsigned Artist (1.8)

I used to give a f***. But I no longer do…respectively. 

There are just areas of life that will f*** you over, and that’s just reality. 

Even if you figure out of those areas, new ones arise to make sure you don’t enjoy the race too much. It’s just life…

For example, I cut sex out of my life, or perhaps sex just weaved itself out for me. It does n’t really matter how. It just does n’t happen.

A huge misconception about the recording industry is that you just f*** every girl you want. Well, such is not real. Yes, more take notice of you, but women are innately evil. So there’s bulls*** that comes along with them. I think too much for them. That pretty much explains how I’ve gone this far without kids or marriage. But, there was a progression to this choice or existence for me. The frustration for me is the relentless aspect of my nature. So life for me strongly suggest an on going battle with a foe that can never truly be defeated. 

My means for success has gained me one f****in hour. All the readings, workouts, anxiety, insomnia, self talk, gave me one hour. I’m so lost & hungry that I have no choice but to be grateful. Currently, I hate my choice to entertain, but graciousness is an going plight that true winners force through amid it’s entirety. 

As for this seemingly unending aspect of wrong in my life. I just expose it, so others can see how f****ed up our so called angels are making things for me. I’ve come close to suicide so often, that I’ve accepted that that emotional current means wait a while. But, why does it have to take that. I insanely yet realistically understand why people take their lives so often. It’s as if the Angels or God are aware of this effect on us and allows it to transpire. 

Right or wrong, it’s real….





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