Dear Diary #4

Dear Diary,


I didn’t go to school today because I caught a fever yesterday which lasted up to this morning. I can practically hear kids screaming and playing all the way here from my bedroom. It kinda sucks because I don’t want to miss any lessons, other than that, we also have a quiz on math today.

I’ll probably practice playing the guitar after I finish my unfinished assignments and schoolwork, but what I never expected is that he’d also be absent. I mean, it’s not like I care (LOL), but are we MTB? HA-HA-HA no.

To be honest, when my mom woke me up this morning (6 am) and asked me if I was going to go to school, I wanted to say ‘yes’, but I feel like I’ll feel worse if I go to school today and see him.

But then, guess what?

He’s also absent and he’s friggin online on (idk about facebook or yea whatevs).


Signing off,

Shane Angel 💕

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