Religion, Crazy ex boyfriend, progress and Homestuck

 Shit I haven’t written in a really long time! So there are still some things you guys don’t know about me. My religion is Wicca (look it up if you don’t know what it is) and my parents would kill me if they found out. They think the whole witch thing is crazy. But you know what? Bite me. We have freedom of religion in America ,thank you very fucking much.  I dated the hottest guy in my school. He’s nice, smart and every girl in the school wants to date him. Now if you’ll notice I said dated. As it turns out he is so fucking clingy. I could never talk about myself without him complaining about something. He said I love you after dating me for like two days! What the actual fuck!!! And if I didn’t message him for like an hour of or two I would get:


You there? 

I miss you

Are you Okay?

I love you


Are you mad?

Are you okay?

Whats wrong?

I love you

I love you

Like dude! You are 14! Chill the fuck out! I’m just trying to take a shower, or eat or do my god damn homework! My bestie Marion dated him for like 9 months before she broke up with him. She didn’t care that I dated him actually. When I told her we broke up and why she laughed cuz it was the same reason she broke up with him. The dude’s weird.

In other news, My self harm is getting better! I buried my razors (all 7) with graveyard dirt, rosemary, rose quartz and ran the spellbag through a little brook. The spell has worked and I haven’t been triggered by things I usually get triggered by. The most I have done is scratch my arm a bit, but not to the point of bleeding like I used too. I started eating more. I eat at least two meals a day now instead of one. It feels good. I started working out. My depression is still really clinging to me, but with the help of a friend and energy drinks, I have managed to go through days without breaking down in the bathroom. This new year has really brought me a change for the better!

Oh and I started reading homestuck. Jegus Christ. It is fantastic. Hella fucking confusing and weird. Please don’t start reading. It just hurts tbh. Well that’s really it. I’m gonna try writing more.

Peace out, Bitches (Vulcan Salute)

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