Switching Sides

Feels strange to have the whole bed to myself. I have switched what side of bed I sleep on a few weeks ago. That was weird to even have the choice. I miss the talks, the laughs, the touch, and yes even the snoring. As much as I miss it I can’t say it is you that I miss. You have never been what I needed. Maybe what I thought I wanted but never what I needed. With my eyes wide open and my mind clear I fully understand that. I have made not only wrong discussion but bad ones because my mind and heart were not in sync. Now that my heart is starting, yes starting, to harding I can understand what my mind was trying to tell me. As hurtful as it is the hear I am finally listening to that voice inside of me. I am going go keep working on myself. I have a lot of improving to do. Changes I need to make and want to make for me, myself and I. One day I will meet someone who will share the things I am missing at this moment. Until then it is just me and my pup enjoying the bed together. Good thing she snores.

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