The past is told by those who win

It almost feels like trying to complete a difficult puzzle. 
All the pieces are there but they’re just not put together but some people like puzzles.
They’ll re-scatter the pieces to make it last longer. 

Each pieces tells a story that makes the entire concept come together.
It makes the puzzle beautiful and worth it in the end.
This puzzle is a life not fully lived and the smallest pieces speak to me.

There was a garden and tired knees.
Bike rides down streets to a place that no longer exists.
Seeds and beautiful petals guided us around.
It was so sadly innocent how our hands pulled out quarters we saved for months in advanced before the spring hit.
The cashier wouldn’t smile but it was a nice gesture when he packed the seeds in a small bag and saw us off for the bike ride home.
Something about the dirt and making her spend time with us felt like home. 
The closest thing we have ever had. 
When the photographers came, we gave a big smile.
it was genuine. 

Although we didn’t win, the photo in the paper and the fact we did something adults could congratulate us on was more than enough. 

There was a giant hill and too many people to count.
Headlights of a truck followed us. 
Although you don’t remember, I do.
Once too many drinks had been consumed, you moved away from everyone.
Over to the dark area where the bonfires couldn’t reach.
It was cold but you were seeing fairies in the woods. 
Even then, while being consumed by a greater evil, it was still innocent.
People came over and told you that everything you felt was normal and to come sit by them again.
You took their hands but I was still watching those fairies in the woods.

It was a dirty room and vomit was coated in trash cans.
The taste of cough syrup left us dizzy until we faced the fate of the trash can too.
Once it settled in, we felt like we were walking on the moon.
They took us outside and we played in the backyard. 
We sat on the road and watched the graveyard.
The graves were moving but no one would believe us.
You laughed it off but I kept looking.
It was a black shadow. 
The erratic movements of it made me scared but you felt safe with these people.

There were desks and loud voices.
All three of them were in that class.
I never liked how they fought over you but I know you felt flattered.
In your eyes, you never were anything special.
I knew otherwise.
People kept fawning over you and got too attached. 
Your long hair and mysterious personality didn’t belong to them and we both knew that.
You had dated one and the other two had been in love with your natural charm for as long as I can remember. 
One was shy and wouldn’t even turn around to talk to you but you could feel his glare on you everywhere else you went.
You had just thought he didn’t like you.
The other one had no problem making conversation with you and I remember him cutting open your frog because you couldn’t stand looking at it.
You had just thought he was a nice guy.
Looking back at it now, you absolutely despise them.
I do too.



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