You can’t help how…


  You can’t help how you feel. I’m a passionate guy. I put every shred of myself into something when I truely believe in it. The fear of losing something, is a far greater battle within. It’s not ever anger, it’s fear. Scared of losing something. 

   I pray daily for a second chance. Just to even show how I have improved my flaws and/or defects. I have bettered myself the last two months. Mentally and physically. Sobriety has been a blessing. The cost of it, not so much.

   Two imperfect people, that love each other, can overcome anything. Maybe time apart to reassess their personal issues is what’s needed. Relationships don’t come with an instruction manual. You have to love, to learn. That includes yourself first, and then others.

   Always know that it’s worth it. No matter what circumstance. It’s remembering why you fell in love to begin with, What made you lose sight of it, and how you both can can put it back together.

Always love… It always prevails..

“I wish she could read this, or let me be able to look into her eyes and tell her. It’s ok that somebody loves you unconditionally.”



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