Beautiful Day

Today I pulled myself out of bed, got dressed, did household chores, and pushed myself to go walking. I have a goal to walk 5,000 steps a day this month. I know that isn’t much for most people but for me it is. I found another place by the water. Never knew it was there. Such a beautiful day to walk and this place was amazing.
I didn’t have time to really reflex or think when I was there. I was just saying I can’t wait until this is a breeze. It will be one day. And I had to keep pulling my pants up. I am going to have to fix that somehow. I looked funny every few feet pulling up my pants.
as I was walking down the pier it looked like I could just keep walking. Didn’t know if I was coming or going. Almost like a bridge. I bridge to a future but away from my past. I want to forget what has been holding me back. I want to let go. I need to let go. I just can’t say I will let go. I have an awesome memory. You would think with what is in my mind it should be easy to walk away. Something is keeping me from cutting those strings.
The day will come I know it will I need it to come. Until then I can just keep working on myself and do what I have to do to keep myself above water. Funny if things were like they are suppose to be than I wouldn’t be wading in the deep by myself. I would have my BF right beside me keeping me from going under. Just keep reminding yourself of that and also YOU ARE WORTH MORE!!!!!

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