Guilty Pleasures

Getting ready for a date is one of my new guilty pleasures. I love the process of it all; the long, warm shower making sure that I am smooth all over, putting on my makeup and doing my hair, hoping that it will behave, and picking out a sexy outfit. Depending on what the plans are for the night, it might be pretty risqué. Tonight, I was going for very risqué but not going to jail for indecency as I was headed to a local bar.

For anyone that knows me, going to a bar is not usually my thing. In fact, this is only the second or third time that I have ever been to a bar. I’m as excited as I am scared about it. You see, I’m hoping to meet a stranger. A stranger that with a bit of luck I’ll take home tonight!

Finally my preparations are done. I picked a dive bar as I don’t want to stand out too much in my provocative outfit. I’m wearing my tightest black jeans, highest black pumps and an almost see through blouse unbuttoned enough showing off my new nipple jewelry for anyone who cares to look.

The taxi ride is not long and I my nerves are creeping up. I’m going to need a drink for courage and to calm me down. I stride into the bar, trying not to look like a fish out of water. I sit down at the bar and order an Amaretto. The bar tender takes my order and gives me a big smile, I guess from his vantage point, he’s noticed my attire or lack of it. I quickly take my drink and pay him with a blush and turn around in my seat to people watch. Tonight must be 80’s night as there is a DJ playing my favorite tunes and the crowd is mingling and dancing on the dance floor. It’s a good crowd tonight.

Before long, a man sits in the empty seat next to me and introduces himself. I’m flustered and excited, I’m not used to getting attention when I go out and I’m not really sure how to react. He seems nice and we chat a little bit and then he asks if I want to dance. Knowing that this was not the stranger that I was waiting for, I politely decline. It doesn’t take long before he turns to the woman sitting on the other side of him and starts a conversation with her. I guess that I wasn’t so special. Feeling a little bummed, I resume my people watching.

After a while, I decided to walk around and explore a little. I enjoy watching the couples and stop to watch a couple dancing on the dance floor for a while. I stand swaying to the music and another man walks up to me. Maybe this is him? We stand and talk for a while. I realize that he noticed my attempt at dressing sexy tonight when he doesn’t take his eyes from my breasts. Without any hesitation, his hands reach up and find their way inside of my blouse as he fingers my nipple jewelry. My face must have turned a brilliant red and I didn’t know how to react. I berated myself from putting myself in this situation, I should have expected this. Quickly stepping back I stuttered some lame excuse and got quickly away from him. What was I doing? I crazy coming to a bar by myself and wearing such revealing clothing! What happened to the boring, plain, stay at home all the time Alana?

I never noticed the set of eyes following me from almost the time I had arrived at the bar. Those piercing eyes went from curious to protective to determined as he watched me from afar.

Needing a drink to settle my nerves before calling it a night, I sat back down at the bar striking up a conversation with the bartender. He was a nice man, good looking and had a great sense of humor. Before long, I was smiling and laughing at his jokes. Feeling so much better and having a good time, I didn’t notice someone standing behind me until I felt his hands on my waist. Turning around, I see a tall, handsome man with a goatee. I love goatees on a man! He asks me to dance and without waiting for me to respond, he leads me to the dance floor.

The song changes and a slow song starts. The masculine stranger takes me in his arms and we slow dance to the tunes of Chicago. I feel like I am back in Junior High School at a school dance but this man doesn’t look at or hold me like any of the dates that I had back then. He is strong and masculine. I almost melt in his embrace. We stay like that through the next few songs even though the music is back at a fast tempo. It’s like neither of us are aware of anything but each other. Finally the bubble breaks and I stand there dumbfounded. Who was this man and why did I just dance with him like we were lovers?

He takes my hand and we walk back to a quiet corner where there is a comfortable love seat. He introduces himself and we start up talking. Even though we just met I feel like I have known this man forever. I feel completely at ease, a feeling that I have not felt yet with a man. Before long, my head is on his shoulder and I’m running my hands up and down his torso and thigh. He looks at me, staring at me with his mesmerizing eyes while he reaches inside my shirt and strokes my breast. It’s as if he is asking permission, I nod yes.  I want that so much! I have never been so instantly attracted to a man before, my panties were wet already and I was squirming in my seat. He said how when he saw that man touch me he wanted to break his arm.

So now here I am on the loveseat with my breasts exposed with this beautiful man fondling, suckling and nibbling on them. I was in heaven! I didn’t care who saw me at that time, if he would have wanted to mount me right then and there I would not have objected. He whispered in my ear if I wanted to go to a hotel room with him? I didn’t even have to think about it, my answer was yes! Hell yes! You couldn’t get me there fast enough!

Now, just to let you know, this was completely not like me at all. I have been celibate for 16 months, since the separation from my husband. And before that, I had only had 3 lovers. So I’m not the type of person to have sex on a first date but here I was, and I wasn’t even questioning my decision. It just felt right, he was right, everything that I had always wanted in a man.

We left the bar quickly and made it to his car. Giddy and excited but also nervous and scared, we head out to locate a hotel room. On the way we continue to talk and I am still not second guessing my decision. I am worried what might he think of me? I’m no slut although I sure am acting like one tonight. This man has a strange hold on me. Why now, there have been other men in all that time that I could have had sex with, what is it about him to make me go crazy with need to break a 16 month streak? I think it was his kindness, handsomely good looks, the dominance that exudes out of him, his good sense of humor and most importantly the instant connection that I cannot explain. It just feels right.

We arrive at the Hotel 8 and make our way to the room. I’m afraid that it may hurt since it had been so long. He starts off slow, kissing and caressing me. Slowly our clothing comes off. I am so embarrassed about my body that I try to hide it by shielding my belly with my arms. He pulls my arms away and looks at me with those eyes telling me that he finds me attractive and not to cover myself up. I have never had someone say that before, I loved that he thought me attractive under my clothing.

Laying me back on the bed, my looms over me and his kisses go from my belly down to my neither region. He holds my legs apart while he licks and sucks and flicks my pussy. I am a quivering and wet mess! I’m begging, moaning and begging. Begging for what, at that time I did not know. I just needed to be filled and he understood. My desires were sated when I felt his thick cock enter me. I have never felt anything so good before, finally I was whole again. Feeling him inside of me was THE. BEST. THING. EVER! I was finally complete. Then he started moving and thrusting in and out of me. It didn’t last long, I was beyond being patient, I needed to cum now and I did! I had waited oh too long. The night was still young and I was so happy to have someone to share it with.

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