My week… in flux

Oh where, oh where do I start? It hasn’t been a particularly busy or interesting week, but my goal is to stay current with my life… even if it’s basic by ALL standards.

The most worthy event was Deedee’s birthday. We bestowed upon her monster, cosmic brownies, a phone card, and some make up. Nothing major except she’s 14 and in four years she will be a young adult. Holy cow. Revelations like this make me want to freeze time. Her big ticket item scored will be tickets to Warp Tour, but since that doesn’t take place until March, I’ve no choice but to give it belated.

Bobo got sent home with a notice from the school nurse. They’re suggesting he has a astigmatism and there for will need corrective eye wear. I’m shocked Bobo will be my first spawn to wear glasses, but I’m not surprised by the suspected diagnosis. Like mother like son. Is it wrong that I think he’ll like great with four eyes?!?! I’m looking forward to his eye exam. Even though I secretly can’t wait to see him sporting glasses, I am concerned about him losing them or breaking them in the future. This is Bobo we’re talking about after all.

Nothing big on the Snoochie front other than I showed her how to make dream catchers so she is spending her day off from school crafting away.

Took the man out to El Pablano on Saturday night. I got a big ol’ margarita and the tres amigos (steak, chicken and shrimp grilled to perfection served over pineapple and covered in some sort of yummy white cheese). I never thought I’d love Mexican food so much… but yeah, I do. It’s amazeballs. Date night was a five star event although The Man’s been under the weather for a week now so I’m sure that made the night slightly less enjoyable for him. I hope he perks up soon.

I cheated on my no soda diet, but it was a small cheat. I got Code Red, just ONE 2 liter and to be completely honest I don’t regret it. This doesn’t mean I’m going back to my old ways… it just means I indulged. 

Cranky boss hasn’t been too cranky and work has been pretty good over all. I really can’t complain about my employment. I like spending my pay checks. With that, I think I’ve summed my week up except for maybe this: Who steals chairs from a restaurant… seriously…. Lmfao!

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