Stupid effing job.

I’m starting to hate my job. Like REALLY hate it. 


I I know I should be thankful that I have a job and not bitch about it because there are people who have a hard time getting a job and yaddayaddayadda….. But good grief. 


How many any idiots do I have to encounter…

well… Let’s see… Someone sent out an email to the whole place that said 625 was half of 2000. 

(This actually happened) One of the higher ups in the building sent it out… That should tell you something. 


But it I love this company. Great benefits, decent pay. It’s not a god awful place, but the people I have to encounter are fucktarded and so fucking annoying I want to punch my own lights out…. Not really but it’s exasperating having to deal with these people all the time. Like, no wonder ppl are taking the money and leaving… Hell, I’m half tempted to. 


These people are trying my patience.



One thought on “Stupid effing job.”

  1. ha ha feel ya. 🙂

    but ya should be happy you have a job. It’s easier having a job than not having a job. But, if you figure out how to work and enjoy what you’re getting paid for, then you’re a true master…*making the karate sound people make when doing katate*


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