Confessions of an Unsigned Artist (1.9)

Ya ever had a breakthrough about yourself???

Tonight after seeing an actual move versus what I worked so hard for. I decided to remove a huge chunk out of my Affirmations that I read because it was obvious that my life is slighting what I’m literally driving myself to the edge for  (or the processes amid it ), only to make me feel bad about myself.

So I removed a part that I read for receiving love from others…As the night went on I found myself on Zoosk. Which led me to take a pic of myself. Which forced me to really look at myself. Then it kinda just hit me. I’ve really allowed life to be way too hard on myself (which has largely effected how I view myself). I’ve invested way too much into women, like most guys.

This is just gonna push me further toward my career. It also confirms the confidence I have in myself. I may even have to pull back from this too.

Respect yourself, follow your dreams, and strong for those who need your strength.

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