Confusion unlocked:

All the while i thought, I doesn’t know how to be a girl .. reasons are 1) I don’t know how to put make up 2) I don’t wear high heels 3) I stalk hot chick than muscular dudes 4) Selfies annoy me 5) I hate receiving sweet messages 6) I’m sucks choosing jewelries (not sure if jewelries is the plural form of jewelry tho, but who cares? my journal! my understanding) 7)  Doesn’t care about gaining weight 8) Messy hair is awesome 9) I’m dying to watch girls stripping in the club its weird, i know 10) Pink and Purple is a NO NO! although my laptop is pink it doesn’t count i still hate pink and etc etc..

but asking other friends if they know how to put make up, know where to buy the girly stuff and do they know how to curl hair they answer me NO as well .. so, I wasn’t alone the whole time, Im just being a paranoid thinking am i lesbian or something after that I become fully aware of the fact that I’M A GIRL, A WOMAN rather who has different type of genre and choosing of the things that i want.

I might not know how to put make up on but my outfits are on point and i can pull off a mini dress yet still look cute, I doesn’t know how to wear heels? maybe i just find doll shoes more comfortable,I stalk hot chicks more than hot dudes because i want to be like them? not sure .. but who knows :)) doesn’t know how to put jewelries? its not necessary anyways hating other colors? maybe i just find black elegant and cool to match up in everything and maybe the reason why i dont like combing my hair is, its too long and i am lazy not bi sexual ahaha! still hate selfies though >.<

It really takes time to know what you really are and learn to love yourself always!


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