Day 1

I am Sasha Rae. A not so typical high school girl. Who has a story to tell, but like all good stories mine won’t have an ending, yet I need to start with a beginning.

so background on my parents: they met through friends. My mom was a lawyer at the time and my dad was a paralegal. My mom is now a therapist and my dad is still working in the same law firm.

I was born September 5th, 1997 at 2 something A.M. I had a cord wrapped around my neck cutting off my circulation and I was 3 weeks early. So my birth was a little bit if a struggle. I ended up surviving obviously, but was sick. For the first year of my life all I did was eat, poop, throw up and cry. I was nothing like my older sister who was just easier in most ways lol, you’ll learn more about her later on. 

It came time for school and that was an issue for me, like I said I’m not typical. I was small, long dark brown hair with waves and curls, big hazel brown eyes and messed up teeth that spread from ear to ear. I had trouble reading and that gave me anxiety. I started pulling out my hair from my eyes brows, head and eye lashes. My diagnosis was trichotillomania. I got help and stopped but I still had something else wrong. 

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  1. Hi! i think we all have our problems and imperfections.. you’ll get over with what you’re going through.. stay strong

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