? ? ? hi hello

I was googling “diary websites” or something along the lines of that and I found this website…! I’m probably going to just insert some commentary on my boring life. I feel really redundant because I already have a blogspot, but I like the safety of this site since it’s not directly connected to my email or anything. 

Oh!!! and I love reading stuff written by other people? not like those really professional pristine blog entries on some product but…raw…honest…wholesome personal entries. The best way I can describe it is the type of writing that makes you feel like you’re reading a diary or flipping through a scrapbook.

it’s difficult to find active blogspots. 

– – – –

I butchered my tourism presentation but I’m honestly just relieved that I got over it. I have another presentation tomorrow and I feel nothing right now, but as soon as the class becomes quiet and everyone’s focus on me, I’m going to feel really…foreign. Hopefully I don’t mess up! Or stutter! Or stumble on my words…! 

I’m going to practice now. Whoever’s reading…hi hi and thanks. +S.

currently: https://youtu.be/hYV0Wp0MdZ4

Carry me home on your shoulders
Lower me onto my bed
Show me the night that I dreamed about before

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