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So I woke up this morning at 5:30 to get ready for school and I wanted to die. It was 13 degrees Fahrenheit and of course I have to ride the bus. My brother gets his truck in a few weeks so I won’t have to ride the bus for much longer. I absolutely thought I was going to die this morning. The cold was unbearable. So when I got to school I kind of just chilled and talked with some friends until the bell rang. When the bell rang I had to go to my last period to take my final exam and I thought I was going to do horrible but it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The state of NC put that I was at the top of my class and I should do better than everybody in that class. I’m actually not smart and they give me wayyy to much credit. My entire class finished pretty early so that was an upside to the exam. We watched a movie about a panda and some boy. I didn’t watch it. I just took an amazing nap and when the movie finished I talked with some people and it was all that bad of a school day. We only had half a day today and I only had half a day of school throughout the entire week so I get an amazing break. So as I was walking to my bus I was kind of silent because I just wanted to get home and make my coffee. Well, that didn’t go as planned. My bus had to have to be inspected and it was going to take an hour so I had to get off my bus and go get on a random bus filled with random people. So I just sat in the 6th seat and listened to music. And now I’m here. Drinking my coffee and typing my journal.


Ashen says: You had 3 diseases?? Maybe your faith is greater than your fear… that’s why you are not afraid of surgeries at all…
But I’m kind of jealous because you have great talents such as playing piano and singing…
By the way… Can you post some photos you have taken?? I kind of like photography too… But I don’t want to make it a profession…


Yea, I’m not really afraid of the surgeries and everything just because I know if something goes bad I know what will happen afterwards.  But nothing should go wrong. I have one of the best doctors around so I should be fine. You can teach yourself piano, it’s really not that hard. I would start by learning sheet music. I taught myself everything that I know and the hardest part was sheet music. I’m really good at it now but I would start with the hardest first. I attach one of my photos to each of my journals at the beginning of the post. All of the pictures are taken by me. You can see two of my photos if you look back at my past journals.

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  1. The problem is.. i don’t have a piano.. but i really want to learn.. i promised myself to learn playing piano, guitar and a lot more musical instruments someday.. if not my children in the future will.. haha..
    And about your photos, they’re quite good

  2. I like the photo you posted on your 2nd post.. things about me..

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