13 regrets of 2015

  1. Letting you get close enough to break my heart. 
  2. Telling you that I want to die. 
  3. Wearing my favorite shirt to our first date. 
  4. Telling you about my friend. 
  5. Somehow convincing myself that things will get better when you left. 
  6. Slicing my wrist. 
  7. Eating all that food. 
  8. Telling you again that I want to die. 
  9. Sharing my darkest thoughts with you. 
  10. Letting people treat me like a puppet. 
  11. Hating myself. 
  12. Trusting others judgement. 
  13. Comparing myself to her. 

6 thoughts on “13 regrets of 2015”

  1. I think #6 is something that you should really regret.

  2. I used to cut my wrist thinking that it will relieve the pain but it really only relieves it for a short time. Not really worth it

  3. I am with you on #1,#7, #9, & especially #13. I am not going to tell you it will get better. I hate when people tell me that. I can say I know I am working on making ME better. Not better than anyone else. But someone I want to be. I am not going to change for anyone but me from this point on. I hope you find your peace and the love you had for another you can turn that unto yourself. I will say yes I know right now it sucks.

  4. i really know that this time is hurting.

    but please do not hurt yourself.. just keep being strong and show “them” that you are okay, happy, and deserve best.

    when you have go through with all that, you will see the positive side of this moment. hug for you 🙂

  5. Mel im so sorry…what causes you to think so low of yourself? your talented mel please dont give up, your just a diamond in the rust. your a great writer i could see u being this generations new Shakespeare! try to let some god into ur life it helps. and the truth is im down all the time but school is my fantasy its that one place where i can i fake smile, its the one place where I’m happy cuz i been faking it for three years (after moving schools) but my family doesn’t even know either that im unhappy. and when i come back from school i get upset, but school makes me happy cuz i have a lots of friends and every one is nice to me cuz i fake it. faking it also helps cuz they dont know the real u so they cant actually hurt u by being mean cuz they are saying those mean thing s to the fake u.for me faking was the best thing that ever happened to me, being fake is kind of like a filter or a shield. it also makes u happier

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