So one of the requests I got was “do I like exploring or would I rather stay inside?”

So this is a tricky question for me because it personally depends on the location that I would be going. I would say that I absolutely love exploring to new places and seeing and doing things I’ve never done before. I also love being isolated from the world because I find out who I actually am when I am alone to just think about anything and everything. Now If I had to absolutely choose between exploring and staying indoors I would choose exploring. The reason I choose exploring is because one day I will have an amazing spouse that I can go anywhere and do anything with. Just seeing the joy on her face when we see new things and go on crazy adventure will make my life complete.


Lauren says: How come you get the whole week of school off? I want to stay at home and drink tea all day. 
 Do you play Pokémon? If so, what is your favorite Pokémon?


I get the whole week off of school because today is a makeup exam day and I finished and passed all of my exams so there would be no need to go today. And Thursday and Friday are parent teacher work days so I don’t have to go those days also. I actually hate tea tbh. I always have. I am more of a coffee person. I do not play Pokémon. I used to play back when I had a DS in elementary school. Those were some good times. Umm… if I had to choose my favorite Pokémon it would be Pikachu. I used to love that little guy.

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  1. But i wanna ask.. how does it feel to live in north carolina?? How does feel to live in a country with 4 seasons? Just curious.. coz unfortunately i’m living in a country with only 2 seasons..

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