First Chapter : Meeting with Rabbit


I remembered I was feeling bored and that was during my exam week so was so stress and can’t sleep (and it was already 1.23am) ,then out of a sudden,there’s this guy with username “jaknaruto666” pm me on okc , he texted : “Good day , I’m Jack :)”

Then I replied him too so that I can make new friends 😀 So, we proceeded to chat with each other to get to know each other better . Then, I asked him whether does he has Skype as it was really slow texting in okc and I’m not a texting person . He said alright. Eventually we managed to talk with each other , and the first thing he said to me was “your voice is cute” .I was flattered 🙂 He didn’t know that actually I like his voice too 😛 

Then he started talking about his past stories to me , I actually have a very good impression on him because of his infatuation . But I didn’t expect we’ll have further development as his past still haunting him . So I was thinking probably I could give him support as a friend . 

I said I was sleepy at 9pm but I wished to wake up at 10pm , he said he can wake me up by calling me through Skype . I was happy too as he is such a caring person <3 and he will always ask me, “Audrey,are u alright?” That warms my heart everytime . 

I like to observe action of a person , and his action towards me made me felt so sweet.

He even worried about me sleeping late and made a pinky promise with me that if I sleep early then he will too . (We just knew each other not more than 1 day)

To be continue ……

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