Idea Journal for Writing Stories

Hello Idea Journal!

I am not sure on this font…  This is my Idea Journal for my writing ideas for books down!

#1 Lesson – Fictional Characters

People Watch

Quite self explanatory. Watch random people in the street, cafes and school. (Kind of creepy but it works :P) It gives you ideas for names, looks, personalities and even facial expressions. I used to do this when I was younger and think about what life a person, who is casually walking down the street, would have. 

Ideas from Newspapers and Magazines

I don’t really look at newspapers or own them so that is why I included magazines 😛 Look at celebrities who are doing really well in life and take part of their personality and life and add it to a character of your choice!

Get Ideas From Names

I use this one a lot. Think of a name. Any name. Rosetta. I would imagine a sweet girl who lives in a higher house with no brothers or sisters. Not everyone thinks the same but that is what came to mind! I could imagine her with a coral shortish dress with white daisies on. She is self conscious but has a bubbly attitude to things she enjoys.

Mix and Match

Use names of people you know! Look through your phone book or contacts on your phone and put two names together to make a whole name! I know someone called Emily and someone with a second name of Lea. Emily Lea!

Create Families!

I do this all the time on the Sims 4 and I love it! Build a family tree from just one person. Be imaginative and remember animals are in families too! Dogs, fish, cats and snakes! Keep your mind whirring.

Hope this helps xx

Bye! Lauren xx 

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  1. Haha! Yes I really like pokemon. I do write stories and I love it! I like to share tips on how to make a wonderful book and I gather all of my thoughts and put them on goodnightjournal!

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