My Tuesday journal

My cover image has nothing to do with my journal. It just looks so pretty wanted to have it as cover image 🙂 My Tuesday was okay just another days in a week. Work and work out on my lunch break. Weather’s got little warmer but still below 32. I got couple things that I want to do before I go to bed today that I couldn’t do it cause I went out with Miao and Jose last night at Michael’s Pizzeria. We had 4 pitchers and a 14 inch pizza. Drank little more that I was expecting but it was a great time! So glad to have them as friends along with other awesome people!

So things I gotta do tonight is, catching up with my paper journals, get rough layout for the skating event (Suggestions from Gerard) and start working on t-shirt design. Skating event seems to be going pretty good so far but I know there will be a lot more we have to take care as it goes on. So trying to anticipate as much as we can now! 

I guess not much going on other than that. Also searching for ways to do marketing for this site. Sent out couple emails to writers on big sites today. Hopefully I get some response from them. I would like more people to find awesomeness of keeping journals and hoping will help them doing it.

Goodnight everyone!

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