The letter

Well… today was interesting none the less. I am currently a 10th grade sophomore and I got a letter from a college today. Let me explain.

So I got home today and I was just chilling on my bed drinking coffee and doing my own thing, and out of nowhere my dad called me to come into the living room. So I walked to the living room and he was holding a letter. I was somewhat confused and I asked what exactly it was. He said it was a letter (it’s as if I didn’t know that to start with lol). So I asked who it was from and he just simply handed it to me. I examined the cover of the letter and it had my name on it and my name and address and everything. So I just thought of it as another college letter. I had gotten more previous times before this from different colleges so I didn’t really think anything of it at first. The name of it was regent university and I didn’t think anything about it so I just simply opened it and read through it and I found out it was a private Christian school in Virginia Beach. Now this interested me because I have never put anywhere in my school papers that I am a Christian. I also have never signed up for anything online. So I have absolutely no idea how they know I’m a Christian. So I decided to look into what it said and everything and I’m now actually really interested for many key factors. Some of those factors would be that it is on the beach and it is a Christian school. Now I was planning on going to Liberty University or Oklahoma Baptist University but I’m having second thoughts about this college. This letter just stood out from the other letters that I have gotten. And now it’s just sitting on my desk. Nobody knows about it except my father but he only knows it’s from a college. So yea, my day was eventful.

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