Tis Time To Buckle Down

It’s time I buckle down and remember the distinct separation of church and state. Well, in my case it is more of a matter personal life verse work relationships. A comment flew off the tongue of a co-worker, a highly inappropriate comment. I suppose I should divulge its content, but I’m reluctant. I’ve spent 24 hours going back and forth between stewing over it and actively ignoring it. Everyone will judge so the only judgement that holds water is my own. However, I’d rather not have rumors fly around about me and my name dragged through the mud. This is, after all, a huge reason I chose to move so far a way in order to give myself a fresh start.

So in this case the proper course of action is to be a busy bee, keep to myself, and hold my tongue. Certainly there is no need in this instance for confrontation or retaliation. To move past this I must hold my head high and show my worth. Respect is earned. Time for me to buckle down, ignore personal slights, work hard, and speak with love for others. Positivity can and shall be contagious. #keepingitstraight 

On the home front… I’ve caught The Man’s cold. Yuck. At least I have an excuse to be lazy for a day or two.

One thought on “Tis Time To Buckle Down”

  1. People who trash talk others and make back stabbing comments only do so beacuse of there own insecurites and the best solution is make them not count. A person who is truly happy will have nothing bad to say about anyone cause they will always find that light at the end of the tunnel no matter how far back it goes. My tunnel is quite dark but in time maybe some light will shed and I can be free.

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