Absolutely Terrified…

As a new mom, I’m just going to go ahead and say this… I suffered post partum bad. Now that things are somewhat back to normal, let’s just throw in the mix that I am now dealing with trying to find someone to leave my child with since my sister will be moving out of my house next month… and I feel absolutely sick thinking of someone I don’t know taking care of my child. You hear all these stories of bad things happening with babies and young kids and now that fear is more real than I ever thought possible.

I don’t want to let her go… I don’t want some random stranger taking care of my child and not knowing what REALLY happens with her during the time that I am not with her…

One thought on “Absolutely Terrified…”

  1. But, letting go is a necessary and healing aspect of success and true growth. Such exudes the power of expanding inner wishes into reality. I love certain aspects of my life, and having to face the reality of letting that go, forces you to embrace truth (my reason for writing you).

    There is someone being prepared to help you. They’ve been looking for you (and they can’t believe you’re the one that will help them). Children are our most precious resource, and placing them in the care of another is pretty much unfathomable. Yet, somehow, we do it…

    You just have to truly believe and act upon that belief. It’s what ya do…(kinda like what they say in those Gieco commercials…ha!) 😀

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