Crush 1/21/16

Today I have really gotten to know my crush. Though we were unable to hangout, it has showed my how much i really like her because i was upset that i wasn’t able to see her in person. I hope Saturday will be different though because we may be going either on a date or to my friends house because then she could meet them. She’s already got me twisted around her finger and she doesn’t even realize it. She makes me so nervous and causes me to have butterflies in my stomach she by looking at me and smiling. I think i may be in love but honestly i haven’t known her long enough for that.  

2 thoughts on “Crush 1/21/16”

  1. This is very weird, I just wrote a similar journal about me in a pretty similar position, but good luck for you on your date on Saturday, and it only takes 4 minutes for you to know whether you’re in love with someone or not, so if you think you are, you probably are.

  2. it ‘s weird, but join the club the club!. me too, the same thing happening to me with a litle complication. she makes me breathles… she is wow wish you both good luck.

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