Why is that once I let someone in that I always end up feeling rejected? I’ve learned over time that I can never let anyone truly in. Day by day and year by year a bigger and stronger brick gets added on to my wall. It’s becoming more and more harder for anyone to break through. Every time I let someone in it never ends well….not for me at least. Even if someone gets to crack the exterior they seem to not like what they see. Is the light piercing through too bright? Or are they seeing something else that scares them away?

Isn’t love suppose to conquer all? In my experience it shatters worlds. Demolishes any and all universes. You can almost feel the ground quake and crumble from under you. The tears that flow through your eyes changes your perception on everything forever. Once the fog lifts from your eyes nothing is ever the same again.

Some things never change and some things are just never meant to be.


2 thoughts on “Layers”

  1. Someone will breakdown those walls someday.. no matter how strong it is.. when the right person comes.. that person will change your perspective
    and you won’t be scared to love anymore

  2. It dosen’t change i think. I am with the girl that I want to spend the rest of my life with but no matter what we say that is from behind the brick wall it always somehow ends bad. Personally I think that for each relationship you have there is a diffrent wall with diffrent kinds of light behind it waiting to break through.

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