my ten day negativity fast

for the last three weeks i have been on a ten day negativity fast. the objective is to go ten days without having a negative thought. if you should have a negative thought you are to correct your thinking, replace it with a positive thought, and start over at day one. i’m not doing well with this challenge.

first off, it’s winter. i live in ohio where it snows. i hate snow. i hate the sight of snow, i hate walking through snow, and i hate hearing forecasts of more snow. i see nothing positive about snow.

second, my back hurts. my spinal and hip issues make it difficult to walk, or, walk in snow. its painful to sit, stand, lie down, and sometimes just move. i can’t be positive while i’m in pain.

third, i’m not experiencing the mood elevation i’d hoped for from the meds i started three months ago. if anything, i’m just as low energy, unmotivated, experiencing feelings of hopelessness and dread as i did before i started them. and that has me worried about my mental health and my future. 

so, right now is probably not the best time for me to remain absolutely positive for ten consecutive days. but, i have learned how to monitor my thoughs, stop them before i enter worse case senario territory, and counter my negative thoughs with positive thoughs.  

2 thoughts on “my ten day negativity fast”

  1. I like the idea of a negativity fast! If it’s a struggle at the moment to come up with a positive counterbalance, could you ‘correct’ a negative thought with a neutral observation? No idea if it’d help or not, but maybe ‘I hate the snow’ could just be ‘it’s snowing today, but it wasn’t last week/whenever’. Or ‘my back is painful, I could put a heat pad/whatever is recommended on it, and it might feel more comfortable for a bit’. I’m not sure though, just a pondering. I hope your meds get sorted and that your mood lifts soon.

  2. I was never able to master that kind of practice myself. I’ve even read dozens of self-help books. We aren’t perfect so regardless of our intentions something negative will pop up. I guess the thing to say is accept the negative thought but maybe not dwell on it. Instead realize it will happen and then don’t feel guilty and just do your best to do positive things that take your mind off of frustration of not being able to keep without a negative thought.

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