So Much

After going through so much in my life i have decided i need to look out for ME and MY KIDS and part of that is realizing that i may never have that life i wanted when i met and married my ex, we were married 10 yrs and i didn’t find out it was all a lie til the end. I have decided that i will be super cautious if i ever do start dating starting with a background check to make sure the person who my kids will be around is not any kind of offender that said person is not prone to violence i will not do this behind their back i will be upfront about it and if they don’t like it then that isn’t the person for me somebody who doesn’t understand that i’m a MOM first and foremost and i will protect my children isn’t the person for me and as much as i want somebody who understands me or completes me i will not sacrifice my children for anyone they come first. Ok enough of a rant i have to remind myself my niece asked me to take pictures at her wedding in April i might have to look at a new battery for my camera this old one doesn’t last long. well i better get to bed tomorrow is another day.. Night All hope you all have a good night. 

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