The beginning of a story for no reason other than to write

I love watching people, their quirks and stories riding around on their shoulders.  People don’t know this but stories are like little critters, some cute and cuddly some more gremlinesque.  They ride around with you, and in today’s world, we call it baggage but the weight of these stories, well that’s what you either feel uplifted by or bogged down with.  

I can see these stories of everyone though most people are so overwhelmed by their own they fail to see it in each other.  Most people wander through their days assuming others are either untouched by pain, too negative from pain, stuck as a victim, entitled, well the list is endless really.  It’s not often anymore to see people stop and learn about another’s story, unless you’re on Oprah or something fantastic like that. 

But everyone has stories.  Back when I was much younger and much more foolish and easily agitated, I used to get so enraged by people’s lack of caring toward others’ and their stories.  It seemed so easy to me to just reach out and really look at another.  I’d get mad and because so many people didn’t stop I found myself getting mad a everyone which is never a good thing because then you really are, all alone. 

It dawned on me that people, when given the chance to hear a story, not just the chance but the privilege, they usually jump at the chance.  I realized that people aren’t intentionally ignoring others’ stories out of hate or lack of compassion or empathy.  Rather it was because of feeling overwhelmed, ashamed, alone, scared of what others have suffered through or sad for what others have and they do not.  Then as life and people created more technology life got busier and busier and people became even more disconnected from one another. 

Do you know what happens to a story when it’s shared with another?  It’s really amazing, happy fuzzy stories become even more beautiful, seemingly as impossible as it may be, it happens.  And these stories touch others’ stories with hope, inspiration, compassion, and change their unhappy stories a little bit at a time, person willing (It’s not God who is willing anything, it is you, always you and it’s OK you’ll be able to be willing in your own time, no rush.) it’ll lighten their load.  And as these stories for the individual continue to become more beautiful and shiny they pre-emptively make others that are yet to be told that much more bright, even when it’s the harder stories you’ll have to tell. 

For those gremlin stories, the ones that are hard, that feel like burdens to continually carry around sucking the possibility of happiness, love, brightness and joy from the days of your life, well, believe it or not, these also get better by being heard, shared and told, in the right way and the right time.  Don’t assault people with your pain by lashing out and over sharing in completely inappropriate moments, unless of course you are willing to handle the completely uncomfortable responses, in which case you are already denying yourself the opportunity to heal.  Rather, find the right ways and places, no not the right, but the compassionate, healing places to let your gremlins out.  You will be surprised to find you are not alone, and your gremlin, when it meets friends, because it’s been all alone and only carried by you and the person or people who put it there, is only more and more gremlin-y because you are angry, sad, fearful of or ashamed of it.  What else is it but to do but be what it is and feed from what you give it.  Remember, someone else may have taken that gremlin and given it to you through whatever events took place. 

But that gremlin doesn’t have to always be a gremlin.  It’s yours now and you can share it with others, you can try to help it heal.  It’s quite possible they didn’t start out as a gremlin at all.  It may be that your story started out something quite exquisite but it too suffered and was unsure of how to deal with its suffering and began its own destructive course of action until it crossed your path and now well it’s yours.  

So what now?  

This is what I help people to do, decide, work through.  Stories.  Gremlins, beauty, life.  I’ve been around for a long, long time.  I’m a known immortal, we have made some progress in the human realm of accepting and publicizing the multiple realms and the immortal essence of the human spirit energy.  

Though people still like to call me a vampire.  Yes.  It’s true.  I don’t age, I’m rather handsome for a middle aged man.  And I cannot be killed.  I don’t drink blood, I still require food as nourishment but food is kind of a different term.  I can absorp light energy to sustain myself, I still eat people food ( I feel like a dog), and there are many other ways in which I nourish myself.  My work, is of voluntary choice, to help people reconnect with one another and their spiritual self which despite having us modern day immortals walk amonst humans and all the supportive proof of these realms existing is rather exhausting.  

I mean it was easier to get my job done in the good ol’d days where mysticism and lack of scientific proof for angels, heave or hell, after life, or a higher self was all left to anecdotal tales of the select few who were living these experiences.  People were more intrigued but now with all of it out in the open, defined, categorized and available in a textbook to study, it has now become mundane, part of life.  Something to take for granted.  Phew.  

Between you and me, this wasn’t something humans found all their own, we chose to allow ourselves to become more transparent and definable because it was thought of as a necessary choice.  It was seen as something key to healing and helping and it was the right choice at the time, and I still believe that.  But now we’ve hit a plateau with the younger generations having grown up with this being commonplace and the older generations getting stuck in their own baggage feeling as though it’s all a farce anyway.  

Of course in the name of science all kinds of theories and hpothesis and things are drummed up taking the fun and beauty of the unknown right out of it all.  I mean really folks, where’s your sense of adventure?? 

So now, my job, is to handle my few people I’m assigned to interact with.  I have to help them get in touch with their higher self.  Truth is, even with all the knowledge and science out there, not everyone believes in me.  They know I have been walking the earth for a long time but they don’t necessarily believe in the higher self or reincarnation or the ever lasting love we are all meant to find.  They don’t believe I have traveled to different planes and that I elect to be here to do work.  Especially when they hear how amazing the other planes are, why would anyone opt to stay here.  

But I quite enjoy what I do.  I enjoy my work, the physical realm and all it provides for me.  Yes, even the annoyances like traffic or angry drivers or yellow snow.  I enjoy watching people grow and learn and fostering these relationships until they are able to go their own path.  

Everyone is different when they no longer need me and no it’s not because I am the angel of death or something.  I don’t watch until they croak and then make sure they learned the lesson.  Their higher self is already going to be able to do this – rather I help break the barrier from the higher self to the human self and get them to stop and think and be present and kind and loving.  I help them get out of their own way and help turn those gremlins into you know, beautiful creatures again.  

For some this takes all their lifetime for others they know it right out of the womb and once I confirm it to be a constant I can move on.  For others it’s at all different points, after a tragedy, surviving something, or just with all life experience or with something amazing like becoming a parent or falling in love or learning something new.  It’s different for each person, and that’s OK, heck it’s beautiful. 

I’m studying this one case I’m about to meet only this is a rare instance in that she has had other spirits in her life from day one and everyone leaves.  She’s not unplesant or rude or anything, just not like anyone else.  I’ve been given to her because I’ve been around the block, a lot, as the senior ranking hancho.  

I’m sitting in a diner, having just finished my hashbrowns and eggs, watching her accross the street.  She’s an artsy type, and she’s been hustling outside handing out fliers to passer bys on the sidewalk.  Not sure what it is for but she is determined and no matter how many people seem indifferent she continues to wait for those who are willing or even excited to take her flyer. 

i’m not sure what the interest is in this particular person as the big guns really have been pushing for us to continue working til we make the connection as it’s called.  I don’t really question things, just watch, wait, learn.  I’ve got time.

I’ve still got a few days before I make contact with her and I’ve been given permission to approach this case differently than I usually do.  Normally people are well aware of being assigned to one of us, it’s kind of normal thing like taxes or a paycheck or SSN, you’re all given someone in this realm that’s your spirit guide, umb, interpreter for lack of a better definition.  You are with us til you don’t need us.  

This gal has just been uniquely content without knowing things, she never has questions, doesn’t want to learn but doesn’t thing we are not true, she holds memories of her past lives yet doesn’t really engage it to this life.  She’s kind of numb, but not in the dangerous way by being angry of full of gremlins.  In fact, despite having many lives I see no stories around her.  Each of my colleagues, well they all have different gifts, I see stories, not the details but the kind of story a person carries, and each of my colleagues may see other things about a person.  And this gal, well, not one of our gifts or skills work with her.  

I kind it refreshing actually.  To not have an open book.  It’s nice, it’s like a totally new friendship that’ll begin.  And I’m not going to be assigned to her.  I get to meet her, some may think this is kind of shady, as it were, in that I’m orchestrating our encounter but I know it’s not of that kind of intent.  

I am, for now, going to get a flier though.  But it’s OK, we aren’t going to meet yet.  I told you, it’s not time for that just yet.  

I paid for my breakfast and ventured across the street approaching my newest, client, we’ll call her.  Though I mentioned that I’m handsome for a middle aged man, not everyone sees me that way.  You see, not all people can easily identify the immortals on the human plane.  Sure you all know we’re here but not all of you know who we are or can see us.  Once humans have stopped working with their own immortal they’ve been assigned too, it becomes easier to spot us and all that happens then is a kind knowing smile or nod of the head but even then they don’t necessarily see all of us.  

What usually happens is people see us however they see and process the world around them.  For someone who is always frightened and feearful they will likely see me was bigger, more angry looking, and more threatening.  For someone who is super stressed and busy they’ll see me nothing more than just another inconvenience.  Or for a romantic really ready for love she’ll see me as even more attractive than I really am, put me upon a white horse, and think of me for days after a simple exchange.  

It’s no different than they see anyone else.  Now in most of these working relationships, as I mentioned, people know when they are working with their higher power teacher immortal, I’m still figuring out our title, everyone prefers something different.  My last client always called me Bob — though that’s not my name.  

But this time around she will not be formally assigned or introduced to me.  So if she knows, well then it’s back to the drawing board but if she doesn’t know then I’ll carry on as planned.  If she knows I’ll know she knows.  Not really mind reading, just a thing I am able to do.  

I pop into the coffee shop and get a coffee to go, though I have no intention on drinking it.  I personally can’t stand coffee.  As I carry my dangerously hot cup back out into the cold drizzly gray winter morning, I come upon my client and before I could even navigate around her she turns to face me without missing a beat and says, “Here creeper, is your flier.  Now get lost.”  

I’ve been around the block for a long time, I don’t know exactly what she means by this and the look on my face must have sent that message because I got my answer.  “Ya, you, creeper.  You know that diner window booth isn’t quite as far away from here as you think it is.  I’ve seen you watching me all morning.  In case you have noticed, yes I am too young for you to ask out or stalk.  I’m not interested, not homeless, not a case with Daddy didn’t love me issues.  I’m just not completely stupid and could see you a mile away staring at me like you were a lion and I’m the gazelle.”  

I stood, baffled by this confrontation.  Not only was my intention to be ocmpletely unremarkable to so seh wouldn’t remember me, I didn’t even intend to speak to her, just grab a flier quickly and vamusca.  I stood, still not able to speak looking into her stern yet relaxed expression.  She was confident and not at all threatened by me or anyone else around her.  Her cool blue gaze was fixed on me with certainty she’d come out on top if we got into a tizzy.  Not in fear or arrogance but in a certainty as smooth as silk.  Like the sky knowing it’s the sky and has clouds in it.  

Finally I managed to stammer, “Miss, I’m so sorry.  I, uh…”  she cut me off.  “Ya, ya, save your story mister.  Just move along.”  And with that she turned and walked off down the sidewalk to hand her fliers out at a different location. 

Completely flaberghasted I walked away.  I pulled out my cell and called my best friend and mentor to meet because I had no idea what just happened.  

She sat across from me, with an entertained smile on her face.  I absolutely loved her office, it was such a serene space.  Very modern with clean lines, and punches of color amidst bright cleansing white.  Everything had it’s place and if there wasn’t a plce for it, it wasn’t something to keep, or that’s what she said.  

Aromatic oils and herbs floated in the air tickling the senses in my nose providing me with some semblence of calm resolve though I still had no idea what the hell I was going to do about this.  Was my job blown, would she know who I was, or did she already?  I mean already she was unique in that I saw NO stories with her.  And none of my colleagues had luck with their gifts either.  She was a blank slate to us.  

“You really should enjoy this a bit more.”  She said to me.  “Really, I don’t know you aren’t more bored already.  Same thing over and over again, sure the stories are different with details but it’s the same – pain, love, revenge, loss, hope, faith, tested faith, overcoming, bla bla.  So it goes.  I mean you have full permission to toss out the rule book here.  The young man I first met would have died for a case like this and now, you old goat, your flondering in the water.  Run with it.  Use your gut.  You do remember that right?” She chided. 

Come to think of it, I’d gotten pretty comfortable with my job.  Day in and day out it was becoming easy which was good in the sense that it meant people were inherently more open to an enlightened state but how enlightened was it really if they were seeing things so quickly.  Or were they simply seeing me, but not the bigger lessons of their higher self and true purpose?  

“You have a point.”  I conceeded.  “You should have seen her, she was fierce.  But not in a pain ridden way.  Just so sure, so still, so — I don’t know.  YOu would have laughed your ass off at me and my dumbfounded response.  I’m surprised I didn’t fall over from shock.” 

“Well I don’t know why you’d be so shocked knowing what you’ve already known about her and the troubles everyone else has had.  Why would this be textbook?”  

“Frank, look.  You don’t know it all.  You shouldn’t be so quick to forget that you are learning too, we all are and always will.  The idea is we never stop.  She’s different and it’s about bloody time for something different.  Of course enlightment will change as we become more present, and it’s not all for doom and gloom reasons like you fret over.  It’s just part of the process, you need a refresher in your own faith that landed you in this role in the first place.  Maybe some time a way from the human plane for a bit.

At the end of the day though, the Execs picked you.  They esecelated this to you.  Though it is unknown why, is not really the point.  It’s still your journey to experience, so go for it.  Be young again!  And I mean that mentally and perhaps your human self needs a bit of refreshing…”  She winked at me, eyeing me once over. 

“Well, as always Enid, you’re right.  Well, maybe not about the youthful make over.  But perhaps that’s what I’ll have to do in order to patch up my damage with my client.  Start over not as a creeper but as someone else entirely.  Youthful eh?”  I pondered this a bit.  

“Yes, but not dreamy youthful, you’re not supposed to get all hanky panky here.  More like BFF youthful.”  Enid told me shaking her pointer fingers as if to warn a child and remind them to pay attention. 

“You’re the one suggestion I through the rule book out the window.”  I joked.  

The rest of the day was a cake walk with my other clients.  Seeing as how my initial plans for the day were now shot with the recon I had worked out I decided it was time to do some random drop ins.  

Still, as I worked, talked and guided my clients, I couldn’t shake this curious feeling I had around this young woman.  This presence she emenated from the sidewalk.  I couldn’t shake the mystery surrounding her.  

I got home that evening, had a beer and sat out on my rooftop patio.  I nursed it as usual, watching the sunset and listening to the wind ruslte the leaves.  Somewhere during the rainy gray day, the sun came out, just long enough to bring some warm colors to the sky.  My fire pit crackled and hissed while I thought about random stuff.  

It’s an interesting things, from humans’ perspective, what I am and what it means.  I have no age, sure my body represents a middle age man, but that’s only because it seems appropriate for me to be a middle age man if I am to have wisdom to imbide on others.  Not that youth can’t have wisdom but perhaps the lack of experience and time to reflect on all of life’s lessons that often don’t play out until much later when more experiences have taken place does the full picture come into view. 

I don’t want to be old, though Morgan Freeman would be a great persona to take on.  Nothing that man says is stupid.  Everything sounds wise then. 

But as a spirit, my soul, there’s no age.  There’s no physicality to my essence.  It’s just orbs of light energy flowing and constantly igniting and changing and recharging.  It’s epic and serene and chaotic and calm all at once.  

There’s not really gender or race or anything in this form. There’s unity and love and learning and pickleball.  Yes.  We have fun too and that’s one of the fun things on the list.  

I can choose to take on whatever form I want.  I chose this one because in all my human lives, this particular personification was one of the richest experiences I had.  I was married and lived well past the age I am now.  I had a beautiful family, not had, I still do.  They work here part time and go back to the planes part time.  But we’re never really apart, not the way people feel pulled apart from one another. 

But the beauty of our human life together was just nice.  It wasn’t super thrilling, no gobs of money or mansions.  It was just nice.  Warm meals, game nights, movies, college, weddings, grandkids, and so on.  That’s why this form made sense to me.  

It’s so weird to be in this situation I’m in.  To be right in the middle of a story and not know how it’ll unfold.  I’m not pyshic but the rut I was in, am in, with my clients.  The knowing nature of the process always being the same, I know the story.  I can almost see before the changes take place, the changes that will be.  I can feel the direction people will take before they really know it.  

But now, there’s a story and I don’t know what’s going to happen.  I read once that Charles Dickens locked himself away to finish A Christmas Carol and told people, “I have to find out how it ends.”  I thought that was delightful!  But at that time, I never understood it – now I do.  There’s a story inside me that I haven’t already played out before.  Something new that’s caught me off guard and it’s really exciting.  


The next morning I woke to do some chores and meet with my colleagues who’d be taking over my current clients.  I figured it was time to clear the books, this gal was going to take my full focus.  After setting up new arrangements for everyone else, I took a few days off in the human plane to do the things I enjoy most but don’t do a lot becasue it’s always more fun to leave it as a surprise treat – so surprised even I don’t know when I’ll do it.  

First I went down to the boardwalk and rode the ferris wheel.  I met one of my long time friends there, we both did the same kind of gigs these days.  Either of us could leave the human plane and continue on in the other realm but both of us just love all the amazing sensations of physical form…all of them.  

She and I laughed and talked and walked around the boardwalk for a bit, sharing snacks, and sodas.  I told her about my latest assignment and just as Enid did, she got a kick out of it.  “What are you going to do?  What if you change your appearance and it doesn’t fool her and she sees you spying on her again?”  She chuckled popping some overly salty baked pretzal in her mouth.  

“I really have no idea.  I’m not sure that the right answer is to change who I am.  I mean, I have no idea how to approach her again as the creeper, but I don’t know that running from it and being something completely unnatural for me is the right answer either.”  I said stroking my chin with much contemplation. 

“Well one thing is for sure, you get to have some fun!”  She chirped!  “I mean how often does this come along, really?  Not that what we are doing is less than amazing, it’s not but it doesn’t always leave a lot of room for fun like kid stuff, or jokes, or just being whatever, you know?”  

“This is true – it will be nice to have the chance to step outside my always serious face for a bit.  I need a break from that for sure.” 

The day went by in a hurry and as we parted company I couldn’t help but think how amazing it all is.  Friends.  Laughs, life.  All of it.  


The experience of being without a physical body is so unique and yet oddly familiar.  There are little glimpses of this sensation in human form, if you’re engaging in the right kind of activities.  For some, it’s extreme sports.  Meaning that anyone will likely feel this but not everyone feels so inclined to do these things.  Understandably so.  

For others it’s activities that triggers an enlightened state of mind – and you almost forget you are within a physical capsul, if you will.  

It’s like flying and swimming and floating.  You are not warm or cold or tense or scared.  There’s just this momentum of constant change – spark and energy and light and calmness.  You still communicate with others and recognize other souls or beings from this plane or from interactions on the human plane – or any of the other countless planes.  

It’s peaceful and serene with colors and angelic music and fresh air like a nice spring breeze.  

For the sake of making this easier ot understand – I’ll “translate” my interactions during this time.  We all communicate very rapidly – almost via telepathic intuitive empathy.  

There is no time in this form – we have no concept of time.  We don’t ever die or vanish we just change energy forms and travel.  

I met with the leaders on the first day of my arrival.  We had a welcome back ritual of sharing the most recent decades of learning, teaching and experiences I had.  It’s kind of like a jump drive download – or sharing all my photo albums and newsfeed updates from my social media site via telepathy.  

Everyone was so entertained with my experiences.  I too was entertained reliving it all and fondly recalling each of my clients.  

I spent some time in the quiet zone in which to fully submerge myself into a state of trans like relaxation to dive into my highest enlightened mind.  I spent much of my time reflecting on this next client and her lack of stories she carried.  I didn’t have any idea about her but I decided I now knew what I needed to do moving forward.  

I visited with my spirit friends who were not on the human plane and preferred doing their energy work on this realm.  I looked in on others who were physically in different planes or other parts of EArth that were most inconvenient to travel too.  

Contrary to the rumors of our ability to astral travel, we can’t actually do that on the human plan.  Gravity and all.  But in this realm it’s kind of an all knowing snow globe so there’s ways to see what’s going on.  This works for viewing the past/present/future in most of the various realms.  Mostly to make sure we’re on course with the most desireable future.  

I enjoyed all the lightness of being out of body but I felt the same need and desire to be back in my body.  Yes, sure, sometimes, looking outside of my eyes I felt very inside myself.  I felt kind of odd – but for the most part – I appreciated so much about it.  I mean, the immortal part was nice too. 

I liked the way my five oclock shadow feels on my face.  I like the way the cold or warm air feels on my skin.  I like the way food tastes and stimulates my senses.  I like holding hands or exchanging a hug – and well lets not forge the sex.  Wow! 

When it’s time to go – it just happens and I wake back in my body in the human world.  Usually it’s when I think of sex.  It just pulls me back in and I don’t really realize it – but it’s always on a timely basis.  


“Yes, I can do that for you.  No problem.”  I hung up the phone.  Sighed and blew my bangs up with a hurumph.  

“What? YOu don’t like getting a referral and follow up order for your paintings?” He asked me. 

“Of course I do.  But they are so micromanaging.  It’s art – it’s not supposed to be controlled.”  I replied.  “I guess that’s why I’m the artist.”  I beat him to the punch of his usual lines he says to me.  He smiles at me.  

“That’s my girl.  Well I got to run.  Happy arting.”  He kisses me goodbye, grabs his breifcase, coat and coffee and heads for the door.  “Oh and babe, I love you.”  

“Love you too.”  And with that he left.  Quiet.  Our large loft apartment is a little brisk today.  The hardwood floors are cool on my feet and the high red brick walls seem to be reflecting the cool temperatures throughout the high ceiling room.  Our place is very modern – I think.  Sure, that sounds right.  

Kind of an open room concept with a high kitchen table further away from the kitchen than what was usually customary, set off to the right kind of on a diagonal, right behind the sunken L shaped couch in our den area with a nice coffee table and big area rug.  We didn’t have a TV in here – which I loved.  I love TV but it’s also really a problem for me.  I don’t have the capacity to turn it off.  

The kitchen is great – right out of IKEA.  I mean that literrally.  We had the designers come out, design it and install it.  There are fancy lights hanging high in the ceiling, a nice island, some stainless steel appliances and awesome top lifting cabinetry.  It’s very rectangular and open.  Bar stools line the other side of the island and it’s great for all our dinner parties.  Which of course is just a fancy way to say “having friends over to get drunk.”  We’re too mature for that business.  

I decided my next order wasn’t going to take me long and felt the need to go for a run and maybe hit the book store.  It was looking like a nice day outside.  

I hit the pavement and began a nice pace with a walk.  Then a light jog, once I hit the more sparsley populated path, I let my speed increase.  I began to glide along the pavement, letting the air flow effortlessly into and out of my lungs.  It’s like flying.  Part of me feels I don’t even have a body at all because this just feels so natural.  More natural than walking.  Or painting.  

It doesn’t take me long to get to my destination but I have to slow to a jog and do a walking lap around the block before heading in.  This was one of my favorite places to visit.  It has been around for a long time but for a while there, it was almost about to go under.  The prior ownership had a bad run and things weren’t able to be maintained and all that.  But someone came in at the last minute and bought them out – They brought in some corporate like ideas/concepts to the place and managed to bring business back.  The prior owners were kept on as managers.  I mean the couple were only in their seventies without much going for retirement so how could you not.  Since then, business had never been better.  

Though I had not once met the new owner.  Until today.  Approaching the door and passing by the front circulation counter I saw a man, casually leaned back in the chair with his feet on top of the corner of the desk, smiling and flipping through a magazine.  He looks oddly familiar to me but I can’t place from where.  It wasn’t until he said something to me I realized I’d been staring at him for quite sometime.  

“I’m sorry?”  I said.  

“Can I help you find something?”  he reqeated calmly.  

“Uh, no.  I don’t think so.  Where’s Nigel today?”  

“He and the Mrs are on holiday.  I’m Frank, the unofficial new owner.  Nice to meet you.”  He stood, extended his hand to me. I hestitated a moment, then shook it.  In that moment remembering, I had seen him before somewhere.  

“Nice to meet you too.”  I stared for another moment before walking away to wander the shelves and avoid another long awkward moment with him.  I browsed my favorite sections, with less interest than normal since I was preoccupied.  

I heard voices and shuffles up front and peered around to see Frank was helping some other customers, laughing plesantly and carrying on as if they’d all known each other for quite sometime.  

I tried to keep it cool and not be overly obvious so carried on to another aisle and then it was quiet again.  I began inching my way forward through the aisle to see where he’d gone when I heard a voice behind me say, “Now I think this makes you the, what was it, creeper?”  

“Huh?”  He just smiled and then it came back to me.  “Oh wow!  The Side Cafe that one day.  You were staring at me.  Wait, you really are a creeper aren’t you?  How do you know I love this store?”  

“Girl, you watch too many Lifetime specials.  There are a lot of people who like this store.  And I apologize for that day.  It’s just, well, you remind me a  lot of my daughter.  She passed a few years back.  She was around your age and the resemblance, well, it’s uncanny.  I was just so stunned with our encounter and being called that, I figured if I told you anything more it’d just make it worse.  Seeing as how I never anticipated crossing your path again, I just felt it better to leave.”  

I could feel my muscles ease a bit.  This seemed realistic to believe, he looked old enough to have had a daughter, but not aged out of the capacity to notice he’s pretty handsome.  

“Oh wow, I’m sorry.  I”m just cranky on days I do my flyer duty.  It’s crap work but helps me to pay some bills.  My name is Everly.  Nice to officially meet you Frank.  I love what you’ve done for the Leary’s here with the shop.”  I smiled shyly.  

“Well this was too much of a gem to let it get closed up.  Sides Nigel is too dear of an old friend not to help.  Well, it was great to meet you, I must get back to work up front.  Have a nice night.”  With that, he walked away.  And for some nagging reason, I felt really disappointed to be watching the distance grow between us.  

Something odd happened that day.  I left the bookstore empty handed.  I didn’t even run on the way back home.  I did feel the hankering to paint.  But not my commissioned project.  I had an extra canvas avialable for just a day like today.  


Enid smiled at me.  “I’m proud of you.  How did you ever manage that one?”  Enid reminded me a lot of Faye Dunaway in Thomas Crown Affair and of course that’s who she modeled her look after so I guess that’s working out well.  

“Well, I didn’t you see.  I mean you know how long Nigel has been in my life.  And the fact that he and his wife were in such a bad place yet still doing such good for their community and family, I felt it was right they receive The Gift.  I’ve not been wrong.  I had no idea though that I’d meet her there.  Everly, that’s her name.”  I sipped my tea.  “She’s sweet.”  

“Mmm-hmm.  I bet she is.”  Enid smiled.  “How sweet?”  

“You know it’s not like that.”  I replied quickly.  

“I’m just asking.  I mean this is totally unchartered territory here so you never know what may happen.  What may be meant to happen.”  

“Good point.  But I have to admit something.  I used a bit of deception for the greater good.  I told her my staring fit was due to her uncanny resemblance to my late duaghter.”  I squinted and retracted in wait of a scolding.  This was not something we normally had to resort to, lying like this.  

“Well we use deceit all the time Frank.  It’s just usually formed by their own perception of what they need us to be.  All you did this time was provide it for her.  And you did once have that experience so I don’t think it’s too hard for the details to be called upon.”  

We all have had lots of past life experiences and once you reach a certain element of enlightened being, your lessons of all these experiences are with you forever, not the pain or torment or excitement of it all, that would be completely destructive to an energy source.  It’s the element of growth, faith, love, and learning that sticks with you.  Yes, memories too but not in a haunting manner.  

“So what’s your next move?”  Enid asked interrupting my thoughts.  

“Wait.”  She smiled.

“I like it.”  




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