The Dream. The Truth?

She was beautiful. As radiant as any angel. Curves to die for. Long brown hair. The lightest of all brown eyes I’ve ever seen. Lips that looked like rubies… that were where they didn’t belong. Am I really witnessing this? Oh god no. Please! Her hands where mine should be. Yours where they shouldn’t. I just want to die.. but I can’t look away. As you two slowly pull apart, your all too familiar whispered “I Love You..” flows through the wind. I shiver at the sound, the lie. Nothing has ever made me so sick.

How could you! You seem so un-phased by the damage you’ve done. That you continue to do. Not even an hour ago wasn’t it me that you “loved”? That you promised you’d never hurt. That you’d die for? When did it change?

Should I have tried harder? Maybe I should have just given in, been “easier” as you’ve said before. No. This couldn’t have been avoided… because I know.

I know I will never be her. Never compare. Never be “the one”.

And that’s what kills me the most. To know I will never truly be yours.

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