Creative Chores

I just finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and loved it! 

It inspired me to look at everything I do differently even the mundane tasks of life like chores and the things I usually dread. 

Really, who likes chores? But I thought of it differently today while cleaning up random stuff around the house. I thought of it as creating the kind of envrionment I want to live in and be in. 

And something clicked inside. The realization that everything can be a creation of something bigger.  Everything can be a creation of ourselves or a creative expression of love. For instance, cleaning also senda thw message to my spouse that I love him and appreciate him. (acts of kindness is his 1st love language).  So I am creating the kind of environment we both want and also creating the kind of relationship we both want which creates and fosters and nurtures the love we have and can give. 

Now for those of you or my inner sarcastic self who feels so hokey saying all of this stuff, this doesn’t mean I am free of angry moments, using curse words or negative tumultuous feelings. Nope iI am human after all but what the hell is the point in chores jf it’s not significant to my well being and why do I eant to keep doing these boring chores for simply the sake of picking up more flippin laundry? 

I like the depth and romantacismn there with it being a bjgger act of creation because it just may be the thing to keep me up on cleaning.  I also like the added feeling of responsibility I have when feeling my lack of cleaning creating a mess. It puts the responsibility and ability right on my shoulders to be able to prevent or respond ro these things. 

Between fueng she and minimalism we can agree to accept that there are benefits to being organized with our material posessions in our life and domains.  Well sometimes I get so mad that laundry is never ending or that clutter piles up and I am always spinning my wheels on ways to eliminate these struggles.  

When I put it in the context of being rhe creator of these messes it shifts my perspective to allow for the ominipresent mindset of being able to remedy these very stresses in my life.  I can do this by any means I see fit. I no longer habe to follow a system or someone else’s book or plan.  I can do it my own way and with each creation comes discovery and a new way of doing things and so on. 

So now when I think of chores I am going to think of creation. Bow when I get bogged down by too many choices of decor and style I am simply reverting back to creation. (well aware rhese are 1st world problems here.)

Creation is what we are all craving. I think creation left untapped becomes a fizzly bubbly force like a soda can waiting to be ope ed and it then seeks oit any source of attention or activity a d that may very well consist of engaging in drama or judgemental conversations in hopes to fix someone. I mean creativity and fixing somethingnor someone is pretty similar isnt it? I think so. 

And then it’s no longer rewarding creativity from a place of llove it’s destructive love sucking blobbyness that becomes a lot to carry. It builds fear and doesnt allow for stupid fun or for risk taking or adventure seeking. 

So creatively do your chores. Each day. 



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