Ever feel like a caged animal

Over the counter I see the doctor and a women talking about a creature in this huge crate that was in-between them.  I couldn’t help myself I had to walk over and look.  OMG it was a fawn that had been orphaned almost a week ago.  She was so precious and very sweet.  My heart dropped to see her in this cage even if it was for safety during transporting her.  She wasn’t even trying to struggle to get of the crate.  She was already use to be caged.  Suddenly I felt connected to this amazing animal.  At times we just accept the way life is because it is the only thing we have known.  This baby needed help to live I get that but I hope one day she will know what it feels like to be free.  There is a much bigger world out there than what she has seen.  I know there is more out there for me.  I just have to break through the cage.  I am chipping away at it daily.  I will be free and it will be a long and hard journey but I am doing it.  

One thought on “Ever feel like a caged animal”

  1. What an awesome physical reminder / analogy of such an important philosophy! Cute lil’ fawn 🙂

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