I think you call it HAPPY

Dear Diary,

Here I am again, this time with a bigger smile. Today was a typical day, nothing out of the ordinary other than the feeling of relief. As a matter of fact, all of a sudden as i am typing at this very moment, i feel something familiar that i haven’t felt for so long. I think you call it “happy”. The boyfriend and I are finally moving along past our unnecessary arguments, i finally got an internship that i have been waiting for and i got a new haircut. Fingers crossed that everything from here on would go smoothly. I recently been thinking about getting a gym membership, inspired by the boyfriend getting himself one just the other day. Guess what? I get a 3 day free trial…going to the gym to stay fit and relieve stress sound so wonderful but as many others, i will complain of not having the money and time for gym. Yes, i know that health is more important and no one has time, you just have to make time and sacrifices. Part of me says go for it and part of me says im too lazy and ill stick with the excuses. Maybe after my free trial ill see which part of me won? Sadly, winter break is coming to an end and i will start school again next week. FUN. FUN. FUN. This just means more stress and late nights and having less time to drop by here. BUT i love words and i love to write, especially when speaking my mind, it’s my best cure to stay sane. So, ill definitely do my best to come by as much as i can. Im getting quite sleepy so i guess this is it, until next time then.


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