Just another day in paradise

Ah and why this title you say?  No idea I say…just probably the response I would give someone regarding my day.

Regardless today is better than yesterday and the day before.  In that it is Friday and in that I am not so gloomy today!

Yesterday was the pits.  I went on a rant about the social welfare system…well I was quoting this bitch from a statement who DOES NOT work, young able bodied but has a baby and sucks off the government tit…anyhow one of my “friends” says he “cheerfully” helps those less fortunate and I slam dunked him…and after 8 years of “friendship” unfriended me.  Said I insulted him. WTF?

I work this dreary full time job with the 45 min to hour commute, every day…well not really I take time off some to care for my mom…enough so that income is reduced by somewhere between 25 and 30 percent…and has been that way for four years.

I help care for my elderly helpless mom…I have made essentially the same pay for 9 years…I’m 63 most of my friends are retired…and I’m just tired.  Tired.  And so I was cranky, cranky.

Now I don’t want to be cranky.  I do believe in working for what I have (versus the government suck up bitch) so I would rather be me.  And helping care for mom is the one of the most important things I have done…it is currently my purpose in life so I would not trade that either.  

It’s just that I’m 63…and I’m tired.  And I’m pissed that after all these years that idiot Oldster “unfriended” me…pissed and hurt.  I mean don’t friends forgive?

Ah back to typing true crime!

2 thoughts on “Just another day in paradise”

  1. Friends won’t always share the same view point. They can have different morals, different ideals. If a “friend” unfriended you based on you venting and took it as a personal slight, it could be for numerous reasons. At first glance (and without insider knowledge) it seems kind of petty to me. My initial thought would be to say “they couldn’t have been that good of a friend to leave you hanging like that after you spoke your opinion”. Or maybe they were having a challenging day of their own and over reacted? Whatever the case, it’s lousy, but I wouldn’t sweat it.

  2. Thank you for your comment…indeed I should not have “sweated it”!

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