Snow day

So I don’t know if I should be happy or mad. North Carolina got hit with a crap ton of snow. I absolutely hate the snow. But I enjoy photography so it’s not all that bad because I can take beautiful pictures. I just walked in our living room and they had it on the news and so far a kid was killed in a crash and there have been quite a few wrecks. My heart goes out to the families of the lost ones. I know it sucks to lose someone and especially at that age. But I took the camera out today and got pictures of the waterfall and everything else. We are planning on getting more snow so I will go out tomorrow and get some more pics. There really isn’t much more to add to that because I have been stuck inside for most of the day because the roads are horrible.


ashen thank you for the compliments on my pictures. what time is it over there? What grade are you in? 

2 thoughts on “Snow day”

  1. When working abroad, I used to giggle and shake my head about people freaking out over less than 5 inches of snow. Then, one time in summer, I got back to my country after a conference in Istanbul and noticed how hot it is inside every building, and what a good job the Turkish architects do in keeping the heat out. So I will never again make fun of cultural differences regarding unusual weather. Still wondering if the picture shows what you would see as “a crap ton of snow”.

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