I’ve escaped depression, finally.

I started smiling, inside. It’s so divine to feel this certain happiness inside.

When I was experiencing depression, it felt like there we’re chains holding me while I was locked in a room full of sadness and pain. But then all changed when I finally find the key of happiness to unlock my chains and got out of that filthy room.

From now on, I don’t give a damn ’bout those people trying to hurt my feelings. “You ugly.” I’ll just be like “ok who’s asking?” or whatever.

Anyway, I don’t know if depression will eat me again some day. Hopefully not though, I don’t want to be locked up in a room with chains. 

Good night,
Mary Joy.

3 thoughts on “#1”

  1. Hi! depression is normal.. but letting it get us.. is not.. choose to be happy always..

  2. yea. that’s actually true, Ashen. thank you, same to you too.

  3. When you feel that you are about to go down… be your own superhero. Save yourself. If batman kept getting depressed about the loss of his parents, he wouldn’t be able to save Gotham every night.

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