Confessions of an Unknown Artist 1.2

Today was a day when a lot of things did n’t go the way I preferred. Still, I’m thankful for the strength exhibited amid finding that such contained a lot of in-depth favor on my behalf.

I’ve tried to take the recurring moments of discomfort as…right. You should try it. You can literally feel your self take off. Perhaps that’s the true meaning of flight. Lift away from what’s grounded. I had a dream once that I was afraid of skydiving without a parachute. Ever since then, I’ve kinda backed off of the aprehension toward all that I have n’t got. Facing the fear, forging fortitude through forward thought practices…

While doing some extensive paperwork for the new project, I realized how serene the mood moded. I became very inhale friendly. Welcoming in this alone time. Amid finally driving the car I wanted to the mall, alone. I suddenly inner eyed that same hue of life, again. Lonliness embodies a friend named time, and she loves to be embraced deeply. She can also flip the switch whenever she chooses, but she’ll always be there. Even the memories fade in & out…but time, even amid shifts, remains in some for another, either lost or anew…

The way I see it, I’m engaged to my art journey. It’s ok. It’s a price to pay to truly be great. The trick is not let it take you away from where you’re aiming to proceed. So what if you prefer driving around alone. If you do it in style, you may find that onlookers will at least percieve that with someone anyway. Assumptions can go a long way versus reality. If ya don’t believe me, research the twisted art of racism. 🙂 

The words are in me. That part of it is becomimg easier than it ever was. The ability to go back to the bulls**** before…Not so much. 

I’m starting not to have much to say. Words often just roll for me. I don’t exude the inner to wait or inner debate like before. Less time for…well, you know what…;)



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