Good, Bad or Ugly?

Recently I’ve had many questions about morals, like what is wrong and what is right. I mean I don’t think I act immorally as such but I feel like motive can be construed as immoral.

So there’s a girl, she’s pretty much got me, like there’s very little that I wouldn’t do for her, and I feel like that comes in between my friendships with other people, as it’s almost like a sort of double standards, and although I’m not mistreating other people I feel bad about me treating other people not as good as I can, as oppose to how well I am to her. This probably makes very little sense but who cares.

So there’s that and there’s another thing too, this is about motives, okay I might do a good thing, but if I perhaps do something good for someone else with the hope that benefits me, is that still a good deed, because it is done with selfish intention.

I guess I don’t really know anything, maybe morals aren’t like that, maybe this is a question that doesn’t need answering but it’s a question nonetheless.

Yours Sincerely


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