Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Although I have a great number of opinions on the hot topics sweeping across the country, I usually keep my personal thoughts to myself. When online or dealing with other people, I try to follow this method:

           T – is it true?

           H – is it helpful?

            I  – is it inspiring?

           N – is it necessary? 

       K – is it kind?

When reviewing my mental check list if it appears not to follow within these guidelines, I try to stay tight lipped with my useless opinion. I find that I avoid a lot petty arguments this way and don’t waste my energy on those who can’t see past their own egos. Unfortunately, I feel as if a great amount of today’s society has lost site of humanity, compassion, and respect for each other. We have grown into a large population of narcissists. Of course this isn’t the case for every individual out there. However all too often I see large scale examples of mob mentality. We must learn not to be swayed as simple minded sheep.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been closely following the case of 2 year old Noah Chamberlin who ran away from his grandmother and sister during a nature walk on a warm January afternoon. After an exhausting week long search, Noah was found, deceased. There were many cold, wet nights and it’s very conceivable the poor child expired from exposure and hypothermia.

What made this news story particularly fascinating to me was the overwhelming amount of volunteers, search dogs, and technology used in a desperate attempt to find the boy. All methods failed. However, the area police refused to acknowledge that maybe there was more that meets the eye and that this could possible be anything more than an “accident”. The police claim Noah’s family would never harm him and that they were a good, Christian family.

I went into my critical thinking mode… the statements made about this family irked me in so many ways. Seriously? Are Christians found to be impossible of committing crimes? Inflicting child abuse? Committing murder? Is Christianity a defense used to prove some one innocent?

What if Noah was a black child? Would the police still be persisting the family’s uninvolvement of the child’s disappearance? Would the search still have been massive? I honestly don’t think it would have been the same if Noah wasn’t white. I’m sorry to state this and raise this point, but I truly feel the police would have been pointing fingers if Noah came from a black family, or a mexican family, etc. I think race and religion has EVERYTHING to do with it. 

White parents have harmed their children. Christian parents have harmed their child. Examples of child abuse, murder, and the like have been found in EVERY ethnic group, religion, economic status, across the globe. No one categorized group is exempt.

Please realize, I’m not saying this family is guilty of lying to police to cover anything up. I don’t know them. I haven’t met them. I was never a part of this nor am I an expert on the matter. In fact, if anything I feel sorrow and pity for the family. If this tragedy happened accidentally as stated, than I can only imagine the pain and heaviness in their hearts. I hope that one day the wounds won’t sting so much. I hope the agony doesn’t tear an innocent family apart. Who am I to question their story? I’m no one really. I am simply an individual who doesn’t approve of some one using religion to proclaim innocence.

Maybe it’s because I am not a Christian that this bothers me so much and rubs me the wrong way. I just don’t see how skin color, religion, and like makes one exempt from committing crimes against humanity or disregarding the welfare of another being. Does me being Pagan mean that I would be scrutinized and judged to be guilty if I faced a similar crisis? Would people assume because I’m pagan I must be capable of harming the very children I love and care for?

We live in a world with so much senseless violence. A waitress was shot and killed at work because she asked a patron not to smoke in the establishment. A good samaritan was shot and killed trying to help a man who’s car had gotten stuck in the snow. Terrorist groups strike to kill as many people as possible. Life is precious and so many twisted individuals take it upon themselves to end the live’s of others. When we live in a world without peace, it’s hard to know just who is innocent and who is guilty.


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