How can I help him? Part 3

Over the last few years with have privately been dealing with Matthew possibly having a learning disability.
It’s probably the only thing I’ve ever managed not posting about on social mediA. 
He was evaluated last year, but because he had not technically started k5, they only put him “at risk” for being diagnosed with several different things. Such as dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, adhd, anxiety disorder. We started speech, reading, and writing therapy with the hopes to counteract his “weaknesses”.
Here we are almost a year later, and he is still struggling. 

 A few ppl doesn’t think there is anything wrong with Matthew… 1. They are right! Nothing is “wrong” with him. 2. I wish they would stop saying that. He has consistently struggled over the years and so much that it has become evident that there is an underlying issue. To ignore his struggles and live in denial any longer would be unfair and harmful to Matthew and his development.

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