It’s A Snow Day …. in the south

The last time I saw snow falling down, I was running away. I made the decision to get a fresh start in life. This choice meant picking up my kids and moving, 1000 miles a way. I have yet to regret it. I needed clarity and to remove myself from seriously, negative people who caused so much drama that it seriously scarred my life.

The night I left it all behind snow and hail followed me through 3 states. I spent time by the ocean. I healed. A bigger picture of what and how I want my life to be was revealed. I finally figured out how to break free of the walls of my past.

This morning I was woken up by my phone ringing way too early for me. Annoyed, I answered it. An automated message told me that school all across the district was closed today. I got out of bed, told the girls so they could sleep in, and I went back to sleep.

When I woke up again (at a normal hour), I peaked out the window. It was raining. Not a single snow flake on the ground. I’m from New England. If this is what the South calls a “snow day” …. it’s kind of a joke, no offense. I realize that South Carolina’s DPW probably doesn’t have the resources to deal with icy roads, snow accumulation, etc. However, my kids were missing school on account of some cold rain. Seriously?

I had to work at 4. As I left the house Bobo and Snoochie were trying to make a snow man out of the first few falling flakes (keep in mind, by the time any of this snow actually started to stick the kids would have been home from school already).

Once at work a few people called out and one guy never showed up. We were dead for awhile, but as the night wore on business picked up since we were the ONLY place open. Eventually we got the call to close early. Patrons were seriously aggravated and annoyed with us.  

By the time I left work my car was encased in a sheet of ice. It took 15 minutes for my windows to be defrosted enough for me to be able to drive. I made it down the street, stopped for a red light, and felt the breaks lock up, and the car slid. I drove with care the rest of the ride home and it was uneventful other than passing by other cars on the road that were literally crawling at 15 mph and sliding everywhere. Some one needs to teach these southerners how to properly BRAKE in icy conditions.

South Carolina doesn’t have any requirements regarding safety inspections for vehicles on the road. This means that the road ways are filled with cars that really aren’t all that safe and are driving right next to you. I imagine there’s a large amount of cars that have tires with seriously bad tread – no wonder why they freak out about driving in snow or ice – their cars aren’t safe to begin with.


I won’t lie though, it’s nice to see the snow, only if it’s a micro inch coating. It reminds me of all the bullshit I left behind and reinforces that I am on the right track!

ps the attempted snow man build was a total flop

ps the picture is of Deedee, back in New England, taken during what we thought to be one of the last snow falls we’d see in a very long while,

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