Lonely and Sad

Today one of my friends asked “What should i do today i’m off til Sunday?” I responded with Sit down with a good comfort food and watch T.V. or Netflix.” She responded with”I don’t have cable or netflix and i’ve done that most of my life or something like that”  i guess the difference is her kids are grown mine are not but i’m a stay at home person when i’m not working that is. I’ve decided that if it takes me another 5 yrs for that special person to find me then it takes another 5 yrs i’m not going to go out to bars or do crazy things to meet people,  i’ve found you have to be super careful when attempting to date again and like i said in my previous entry i will be UP FRONT and HONEST with a person who professes intrest in me i want know 100% for sure that that person is or has not been in ANY troubles with the law or has done anything bad to children or animals, I have children i need to protect my ex is on his 3rd wife while me i’m taking my time no matter how much i would love to have that special someone the fact of the matter is i may never find that special someone whom i’m ment to be with so in the mean time i have my tv or netflix  that way i can at least enjoy myself for a while..

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