Lonely Rose

People tell me how beautiful I am. That I’m pretty. How smart I am. That I’m witty and generally funny. How I’m such a great listener and other compliments. I’m not trying to brag, I’m simply acknowledging these compliments which I really do appreciate. 

I just can’t help but wonder if people say all of these good things about me then why don’t I have a boyfriend yet? I’ve never had a boyfriend. Guys don’t really talk to me. A few do, but they have girlfriends and are most likely just being friendly. Do I seem unapproachable? Is it my shyness that makes guys run away? My resting bitch face (even though it’s just my face I’m actually  nice person) ? Is it because I generally wear dark colors – not like gothic, but nothing flashy like bright pinks, reds, etc. ? Is it my weight? I’m not fat where it hangs over, but I do admit I got a little more cushion (aka chubby). I’m honestly stumped. I wish someone could just tell me what it is so I can try to improve on it. 

I can feel this gross insecure feeling coming back. Ugh 

3 thoughts on “Lonely Rose”

  1. Never feel insecure.. you don’t need anyone to compliment you.. be confident. Sometimes what you think of yourself reflects to other people.. if you think you think negatively of yourself people around you will feel it..

  2. 5 words: Shine bright like a diamond.
    The people around you gave you compliments based on what they saw…In other words, you are 1 heck of an awesome person, inside out!
    I’m fat… but I have dated before, so its never about weight, trust me. Its about how you see yourself….
    Try to do things on your own from time to time, and maybe a guy will magically approach you.
    You think you have a resting bitchy face? Awesome! Make it a conversation starter, and joke about it! Guys love girls who are confident… thats why men prefer real smiles over fake boobs..

  3. I don’t know how old you are but I’m 24 year old. Four months ago i was single and I’ve never had a boyfriend before. Just to tell you that love happens when you least expect it. Don’t worry about that, try to live your life fully and do things that make you happy. Go out, meet people and have fun. Try to get out of your comfort zone.I know it’s hard because just like you I’m really shy but try to remember that when you want something the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Now I have a wonderful man in my life and i can definitely tell you that it was worth the wait 🙂

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